Abia governor, Alex Otti, accused of N665 million paint job ‘fraud’

According to information reaching The Realm News, Abia state’s Governor Alex Otti, could soon be making some radio and television appearances to respond to alarming accusations of corruption.

Otti was sworn in as governor on May 29, 2023, amid much hope and optimism. But jeopardy now threatens the excitement that greeted the Labour Party candidate’s first 100 days in office. Otti’s imminent media runs would be in response to information unearthed by the chairman of the African Democratic (ADC) in Abia state, Don Norman Obinna.

The governor’s media aides, we gathered, have been briefed about Obinna’s claims and are planning on defending their boss before he speaks for himself.

Obinna, who has been the lone voice of opposition in the state for years now, wrote the following in a social media post this morning:

Integrity is who we delude people to assume we are, while character is who we are. The word ‘integrity’ is notional. It’s a beguiling upswing prank dignifying a fake life.

The Abia State governor, Mr Alex Otti, exemplifies the narration above. He is an overrated fellow who darted to power through revulsion for the PDP.

Fortunately for him, the people’s subservience, docility and benignity have sustained the yuck factor notwithstanding his striking frailties.

Who would have surmised that our celebrated messiah would preside over a government that favours boondoggles and omnishambles?

How do we tell our children without stammering and shamefacedness that Saint Otti used N665 million to repaint the commissioners’ quarters built by a corrupt Orji Kalu for N228 million?

In other words, Saint Otti repainted a detached duplex of the commissioners’ quarters built by ‘corrupt’ OUK for N12 million with N35 million.

Matthew 15:26 says healing is for God’s children to feed on. To ensure eternal life for God’s children (Abians), our God-sent governor repainted and tiled Abia’s three secondary healthcare centres with N4.5 billion.

Oh no, he must be mad at me for divulging the amount spent. He hid it from the public to avoid taking God’s glory. Chai, what a humble servant. Abia State is blessed.

Why are we grumbling over the relocation of the government house to his country home? Have we forgotten that his predecessors worshipped idols and consecrated the old and new government houses to Satan?

In the new Abia where old things have passed away and all things have become new, there is nothing sinister for Saint Otti to govern from his living room in Umuru. We must not forget that darkness and light have nothing in common.

Come to think of it, how many Abians have travelled outside Abia State let alone seen a six-lane highway?

We should be thankful to Governor Otti for exposing us to civilization, even if it means spending N60 billion to compensate unknown Abians for a road project of N4.5 billion.

What a God-sent governor we have in Otti! No wonder the Bible says, “When the righteous is on the throne, the people rejoice”.

That is why everywhere you go, Abians are singing, “What manner of man is Otti, hallelujah; what manner of man is Otti, hallelujah”.

“He has turned Abia into paradise, hallelujah; he turned darkness into light, hallelujah!”

Ndi Abia, praise the Lord! Hallelujah!

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