25 things that make no sense in Buhari’s Nigeria

During his Independence Day speech, President Muhammadu Buhari pointed out something about Nigeria which according to him, “makes no sense”.

As a loyal follower of our great president, I have decided to add 25 other items to the list of things that make no sense in the Nigeria Buhari is moulding.

Here we go.

1. Buhari preaching one Nigeria but making lopsided appointments that continue to fuel fears that all Nigerians are equal but some are more equal than the others

2. Buhari’s government feeding schoolchildren while schools are closed

3. Electricity companies sending power bills to those they already disconnected from the grid thereby forcing Nigerians to pay for days of darkness

4. Politicians travelling abroad for medical treatment but also running media campaigns to laud their achievements in the local health sector

5. Government officials eating foreign rice while the borders are shut to rice importation

6. Members of Buhari’s government flying the presidential jet to private weddings while the president plays a game of “see no evil”

7. President Buhari telling Nigerians to make sacrifices without outlining a plan to reduce the size of his own government

8. Nigeria hiking electricity tariffs during a global pandemic that forced many countries to give huge cheques to and suspend rent, loan payments for their citizens; even Geneva voted to raise the minimum wage to N1.7 million per month

9. Buhari government freeing terrorists, reintegrating them into society and paying them stipends after they “repent”; same government arresting those who protest against terror attacks, charging them with treason

10. Buhari claiming to influence elections by “remote control” and also claiming he is giving Nigerians free and fair elections

11. Nigerian police officers brutalising Nigerians who are protesting against the inhumane treatment of Nigerian police officers

12. Young Nigerians attacking old men and women for not leading protests that could result in a better future for young Nigerians

13. Young Nigerians describing those who eventually lead protests as selfish individuals with hidden agendas — like the agenda to improve the wellbeing of all Nigerians

14. Nigerians boycotting elections and also wondering why their non-existent votes do not count

15. Nigerians banking on a retired general who truncated a democratically elected government to consolidate Nigeria’s democracy

16. President Buhari’s government fantasizing about archaic grazing routes while also describing itself as the one with the fresh ideas that Nigeria needs for the 21st century

17. Nigerian government and media describing murderous attacks as “clashes”

18. President Buhari’s media aide Femi Adesina telling attacked farmers to choose between their lives and their ancestral lands

19. President Buhari blocking Nigerians from posting replies to his tweet (meanwhile, Buhari’s APC practically used the social media to push the president’s predecessor out of office)

20. Nigerians who, whenever the notorious blackout occurs, have to buy petrol at over N160 per litre to power their noisy generators so they could charge their phones and buy expensive data packages to defend President Buhari’s “achievements” in the power sector

21. President Buhari saying Nigerians should pay more for petrol like they do in Saudi Arabia; same Buhari yet to deliver the level of developmental progress they have in Saudi Arabia

22. The N30,000 minimum wage in Nigeria that makes “sense” when compared to the N360,000 minimum wage in Saudi Arabia

23. President Buhari preaching “One Nigeria” but also stating that resources would be allocated based on how each region of the country voted for him

24. Politicians securing lucrative government jobs for their kin but telling other youth low-paying N-Power jobs are the best thing since sliced bread

25. Buhari refusing to hold a presidential media chat since 2015

What did I miss?

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