2023: Excited Abians clamour for Prof Greg Ibeh

Going by the inclinations of Abians towards his aspirations, Professor Greg Ibeh seems to be the candidate the Abia State chapter of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) needs to coast to effortless victory in 2023.

The assumption is according to the unanimous acceptance and consensus on the indication of his interest given appropriate prominence so far.  

Having endured mixed fortunes of bitter-sweet political leadership for the past two decades, Abians have shown through their numerous feedbacks that they have realised too well the need for an administration led by intellectual sagacity, entrepreneurial ingenuity and human compassion. 

We were not surprised by the acceptable rate the people embraced the subject of our coverage since we began a deep dive into the Greg Ibeh phenomenon.    

Prof Ibeh is an Abia-born Nigerian who, through intelligence, hard work and sheer grit, rose from obscurity to royalty. He is the founder and chancellor of Gregory University, Uturu — a citadel of learning revolutionising higher education in Nigeria.

Prof Ibeh, a native of Amaokwe Achara, Uturu, Isuikwuoato local government area of Abia State, is the brain behind the modern-day reformation of the Nigerian civil service carried out under the administration of former President Olusegun Obasanjo. The professor is also an entrepreneurial inventor who has impacted the lives of two million Abia youth and counting.

Commenting on one of our reports on the erudite scholar, Nwogu Uchechukwu said that Abia, being “at the heart of Igbo liberation”, needs a man with the vision and integrity of Biblical David to move it forward. He believes that Prof Ibeh ticked all the boxes to change the sad narrative of Abia State.

Greg Ibeh possesses a “powerful and well-presented resume,” Goziem Obinna said. “There is no doubt at all that Abia is one of the most endowed states in human capital resources and education in Nigeria. But we are yet to see these lofty blessings transformed into good governance.” He thinks that Greg Ibeh can help Abia take that quantum jump from potential to reality.

Odera Odego, on his part, said a Greg Ibeh administration, should it materialise, will be “inspiring” to the millions of young Abians who need a worthy role model.

Greg Ibeh is “a great man with the intellectual capacity to rewrite the story of God’s own state,” another commenter, Elechi Oko Elechi, said.

As far as Okorie Sampson is concerned, “Prof Greg Ibeh is a quintessential gentleman, firm in intellectual disposition and a great achiever.”

“Abia will, very soon, breath fresh air,” Lazarus Obeta opined. “The real change is at hand, God willing. Prof Greg Ibeh is the man for the job. It is the turn of Abia State to shine. The good sons and daughters of Abia should now join hands to make it a reality,” he said.

There were several other commenters. We could only select a few. Another commenter, Chinonso Nathaniel, said “Prof Greg Ibeh has the capacity and the ability. He will do better.”

Although no one can accurately predict the topography of Abia’s political landscape come 2023, one thing that can be precisely forecast is the direction of positive development a competent governor would trigger.

If the voice of the people is the voice of God, 2023 may well usher in a period of developmental renewal for Abia State. That is only if the PDP resists the pressure from mischief-makers to alter its power rotation and also avoid the imposition of an unpopular candidate. 

Don Norman Obinna

Don Norman is the acclaimed author of 'Raped & Enslaved: Era of Kleptocracy'.

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