I wish I had a bucket

There’s nothing wrong with Governor Alex Otti’s list of commissioners. The governor is at liberty to choose those he is comfortable working with.

Besides, there’s a need to revitalise the system. Kudos to him for discarding the recirculation of overused products.

For the appointees, it’s your responsibility to tell us what your government is doing or planning to do.

It is also our right to ask questions and disagree with the government’s objectives and policies if they are not people-oriented.

For the prospective E-rats, I hope you have certificates and good command of the English language.

Please, I urge you to master the art of content creation quality enough to communicate government information to Abians.

It’s better than jumping from one comment session to another abusing people with different views.

The beauty of democracy is the disagreement, argument and agitation that ensued during dialogue. Endeavour not to personalize it.

I am not seeking useless comments on my post. I want feedback. One feedback is better and more useful than 200 comments replete with emotions and insults.

It does not make you a voice rather it exposes your epistemic deficiency. You will leave me with no choice but to delist you here.

Remember, you are not obligated to read my articles. Except for a few, serious readers and lovers of my articles do not comment.

They read, appreciate the grammar and use the information to the best rewarding proportion.

The comments of most of the headless mobsters on my post do not correspond with the message. It means that they did not comprehend the information enough to give quality feedback.

Stop disgracing your family and generation here because of the urge to belong. I wish I had a bucket, I would have dropped it on my comments session for you to donate your tears.

Unfortunately, I have none. So, please spare me your tears. I am not part of the Abia State problem.

Thank you for reading. A happy new month I wish everybody. I still love una.

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Don Norman Obinna

Don Norman is the acclaimed author of 'Raped & Enslaved: Era of Kleptocracy'.

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