Wife, children go hungry as husband reportedly surrenders salary to ‘wicked’ pastor

Omotade Mack shared the following story on Facebook. She said it happened to her aunt.

The incident allegedly happened in Ondo State. Mack shared the story via the comment section of a post made by another Facebook user Ninyo Omidiji who usually warns his followers about the dangers of following pastors blindly.

Omidiji then posted the story on his wall today.


I can see a lot of people saying it can’t be true and it’s a made up story. Okay I have a story of a relative.

My aunt was married to a man who was doing well in his field of work, earning above N800,000 monthly. He didn’t joke with tithe, prophet monthly allowance and pastor’s wife monthly allowance.

At least, he was above average but he was a pastor wrapper (sorry to say and I don’t feel sorry about it).

He had two cars, gave one to his pastor because the pastor requested for it. He guilt tripped him by saying he had two cars but his pastor didn’t have one. He was using one and my auntie was using the other. He collected his wife’s car for his pastor, to cut the story short.

The woman became worried and called a family meeting because the larger percentage of his earning was going into the pastor’s purse to the point that the pastor’s children will call from school to request for pocket money and school fees.

Not long after that, the pastor told my aunt’s husband that the Lord said he should sow his second car as a seed to his family because something great was coming his way and if he failed to do it, he’d miss the blessing. Right there on the spot, he gave up the key and he took taxi back to the house.

My aunt asked for his car and he said it’s been sowed as a seed. She got angry and went straight to the pastor’s house. She met them jubilating. She shouted and abused the pastor and his wife, calling them thieves.

The pastor called the husband, he took a bike down to the place and he beat the hell out of my aunt’s body, dragged her back to the house and apologised to the pastor and his wife.

At this point she didn’t know what to do again because she was helpless.

What broke the alarm was the time the man decided to start to submit his salary to the pastor at the end of each month. Hell broke loose. The husband said the money belonged to him and he could do whatever he desired with it. To eat became a problem with two children.

The husband went to the point of telling my aunt to always go to the pastor for feeding and upkeep money weekly. She was doing it. The pastor would give her N3000 N4000 and sometimes N2500. If she complained, her husband would tell her to manage what was given to her and even slap her if the complain was much.

So, it was festive season, Easter to be precise, she went to the pastor as usual to take money. The pastor asked how much she’d be needing and she said N20,000. On hearing this, the pastor called her greedy, waster and all sort of names all on her husband’s money. She explained that she wanted to buy food stuff, chicken and also small gifts for the children. He threw N5000 at her and said that was enough for any responsible woman to manage and utilise for Easter celebration.

She cried back to the house and her husband said nothing. This was the period she got mad finally and was ready to do all it took to solve the issue. This matter was taken to the palace of the Deji of Akure. The pastor and the husband were summoned.

You all need to see the pastor and his wife when they alighted from the car and the husband with nothing.

Right there in the Deji’s presence, the husband knelt down and started to beg the pastor for the behavior of his wife and for putting him through the stress.

On seeing the scenario, the Deji of Akure said “you’ve enchanted this man and I’m giving you just seven days to release him” else they’d discipline him.

Guards were sent to his wife to take the second car and the Deji didn’t allow him to go with the one they brought. It was a tough fight and it wasn’t easy but she won the fight.

So, when I see people say this is a lie, I just laugh. Only wicked people will make excuses for these thieves who go about calling themselves pastors.

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