Who cast a spell on us? (part 9)

Those who collected money to stepdown for our common enemies are as guilty as those who sold their votes.

Accomplices are as guilty as the offenders the reason we should not absolve the so-called oppositions from the heartless rape and enslavement of Abia State and her residents. The majority are cat’s paws of the PDP government we loath. 

It is a whitewash of justice to mortify the hunger-stricken electorate who exchanged their votes for derisory N500.00 cash but hold in high esteem the saboteurs (masquerading as oppositions) who collected hundreds of millions of naira and appointments to stepdown for our common enemies on the eve of elections.

These saboteurs sometimes act as moles planted in opposition parties to either destabilise or emerge as their candidates. In some occasions, they are venal businessmen/women who appear every four years, paste posters and stair raucous socio-political donnybrooks just to get settled.

As soon as they are paid or promised appointments, they abandoned their party agents and supporters (who made a handful of enemies supporting them) at the mercy of political thugs at the polling units. They avoid calls, speak condescendingly and imperiously to supporters who dared confront them for clarification. Afterwards, they make themselves difficult to get to until another four-years.

Used and dumped, the once intransigent supporters become disconsolate and embrace sycophancy to stay alive. The resilient ones are framed, treated as incendiaries and imprisoned by the agents of the demons. Most of them, still rot in jail as you read this article but the egocentric mercenaries (they made enemies supporting) hibernate to enjoy their bootie.

Look at the deplorable state of Abia and the glaring failed leadership therein. Why are the so-called oppositions quiet?

The predicaments of their supporters never touched their heartstrings; even their plangent shrieks. Then, in another election year, you’ll see them begin to act nicely, reactivate their dormant social media accounts, eat corns and “mama put” by the roadside to deceive the gullible.

They’ll invent the ben trovato story that we are not ready for a change when we refused to be their fools the second time. A large number of us are willing for a change but are discouraged by the despicability of these stolid mercenaries who ceaselessly take advantage of our impulse for change to enrich themselves. 

Look at the deplorable state of Abia and the glaring failed leadership therein. Why are the so-called oppositions quiet? Except for the common masses (who they called docile) and a handful of concern Nigerians yelling on social media, have you seen any issue a press statement reprimanding Ikpeazu for dilatoriness and dégringolade of infrastructure? 

Why would they, when the majority of them played various deleterious roles to frustrate genuine contenders and ensured the return of Dr Ikpeazu and the rest of the old cargos for the second term? We have members of the opposition in Abia House of Assembly, yet we’ve not heard that they rebelled against any government policy. 

In 2015, virtually all the APGA candidates we gave our sympathy votes to, abandoned the change mantra and barefacedly decamped to the PDP few months after the election. They endorsed the arbitrariness and profligacy of the governor and became the indispensable part of the armamentarium deployed to impoverish us. 

What positive impact have the ones voted in the just concluded general election made except for endorsing Ikuku as Speaker and supporting the recycling of the failed old politicians as commissioners? Did you see any of them rebel against the conventional “Bow and Go” clearance? As oppositions, one had expected them to raise the alarm when Ikpeazu’s government applied for $200 million (N72 billion), loan but they kept mute. 

During and after the primaries, pictures of most of them assisting accident victims permeated social media. One of them spoke so toughly that admirers referred to him as “onye ndi Ibeku huru kuja”. Today, amid the higgledy-piggledy, the tough-talking voice has become as silent as a graveyard. Ndi Ibeku ahu kwa ya, kuja again, Abi? Mtchewww! 

Where is Dr Uche Ogah, Chief Ikechi Emenike, Hon. Nkeiru Onyejeocha, F.N Nwosu, Sir Chris Akomas, Sir Chikwe Udensi, Senator Nkechi Nwogu, Barr Ahamdi Nweke, Sir Chidi Ajaegbu and Chris Nkwonta? We are yet to hear from Chief David Ogba, Honourable, Martins Azubuike, Hon, Nkeiru Onyejeocha, Hon Ben Kalu and Senator Orji Uzor Kalu.

Are you people no more oppositions? Why the graveyard silence amid bad leadership in Abia State? Are you people under a spell too? As they say, conscience is an open wound. Only the truth can heal it.

To be continued.

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