Who cast a spell on us? (part 18)

The dissimilarity between the DSS and FBI is the protection of top government officials; a composition of our eccentric exclusivity.

Statutorily, Nigeria’s Department of State Service (DSS) is comparable to America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the British M15 or Russian FSB. They are all Federal domestic intelligence and security outfits.

Like FBI and FSB, the primary responsibilities of the DSS are within the country. These include counter-intelligence, internal security, counter-terrorism, surveillance and investigating grave crimes against the state.

However, the dissimilarity between the DSS and the above mentioned two is the protection of top government officials, particularly the President and Governors; a composition of our eccentric exclusivity.

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This strange commission unarguably is the scourge of DSS’s professionalism. More often than not, the positions of these men (they provide security for) not only influence its personnel’s behaviours but also alter their underlying values, motivations and mojo.

The world has become a global village. Daily, we read and watch the news from other clans. It is unperceivable that the FBI, FSB or M15 personnel’s dispositions would be affected by the predispositions of top government officials.

Instances abound where DSS deferred court orders, invaded courtrooms during processions and unlawfully detained citizens at the whims and caprices of the Ogas at the top. Sometimes, they did so at their discretions damning the consequences. They don’t give a hoot about the critical opprobrium their arbitrariness generates.

Amid the growing consensus that they are mere cat’s paw of politicians, they have, however, remained impervious. Worryingly, they have abandoned smorgasbord of our problems and condescended to confinement of mavericks via fictitious petition from a non-existent organisation.

This shameful undertaking is the elephant in the room, and it’s already making them everyone’s Aunt Sally. Even the beleaguered “jump out boys” will command more respect than them in no distant time if not addressed.

Who would have believed that a petition from a faceless and unregistered NGO – Centre For Peace And Unity – signed by a ghost comrade, Ugo Otuonye, would confine Barrister Emperor Ogbonna in DSS custody for close to a month? (See copy below)

The so-called NGO has no single contact telephone number. Ludicrously, it also operates from fake addresses – 142 Aba-Owerri Road, Aba and Suite 15, Ivory Tower Plaza, Utako, Abuja respectively. If you were in doubt that Centre For Peace And Unity is not a recognised registered NGO in Nigeria, clique this link https://nnngo.org/list-of-ngos-on-our-database-2/#a

Furthermore, a petition isn’t sufficient to get one incarcerated. There must be a written statement from the petitioner to support the allegations. So, who did in the case of Barrister Ogbonna?

Amazingly, the poorly written petition reads in part thus: “Aside (sic) disparaging President Buhari, the said Empero Gabriel Ogbonna was referring to Nigeria as an Islamic Republic (sic), calling for the impeachment of President Buhari, calling for the removal of Northern Nigeria from Nigeria, describing Northern Nigeria as an illiterate population and the biggest problem of Nigeria…”

“In view of (sic) the imminent danger posed by the above, we request that the said Empero Ogbonna be investigated with a view to ascertaining (sic) his contacts and sponsors as we suspect that he has strong ties with the proscribed Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) and should be nipped in the bud to avert apparent dangers posed by such inciting and subversive comments (sic).”

The impersonator, Comrade Ugo Otuonye went further to attach posts extracted from Ogbonna’s Facebook page to support his evil machination. (see copies below). Tufiakwa! It is appalling the extent an Igbo man will go to destroy his brother. We already know the hand of Esau hiding under the voice of Jacob. The fictitious name does not matter. The grammar structure and resentment contained in the petition gave the petitioner away.

Anyways, DSS had obtained 14-days detention order from a court to carry out an investigation. But I think the impostor – Comrade Otuonye – poses a serious threat to Nigeria than Barrister Ogbonna. Impersonation and forgery are criminal offences in Nigeria. A man who parades an unregistered NGO and uses the same for a transaction is a criminal.

I enjoin DSS to disabuse Nigerians of their informed opinion and espouse transparency and fairness in Barrister Ogbonna’s ordeal and put an end to his longueurs. They should charge him to court at the expiration of the 14-days detention order. They should also investigate the petitioner and the legality of the NGO to ensure they are not dealing with criminals. After all, he who comes into equity, they say, must come with clean hands.

To be continued.

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