Who cast a spell on us? (part 12)

Receiving youth empowerment bus/car from politicians does not imply ipso facto the achievement of fortune

In Christendom, it’s a common belief that testimony time is a moment of sharing life-changing providential experiences. A handful of believers have had their faiths built during the testimony time. It is, therefore, understandable why the moment is so revered and strepitous to the extent that enthusiasts are allowed ample time to sing and dance to the glory of God.

Though some of these testimonies are premeditated gambits and more often than not apocryphal; a thunderous “Haleluya”, still greets them. But then, let’s imagine how members on tenterhooks would receive a testimony that goes like this after the conventional “Children of God, praise the Lord!”, intro.

“The Lord is good! Last week, armed robbers attacked our home and robbed us of our N50 million life-savings, phones, laptops and car. They also raped my wife. But to God be the glory, one of them gave us N5000 before they flee. I call him an angel because if not for his kindness, we would have starved to death. Umu Chinekeee! Help me ask God to bless him. Praise thy Lord!”

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Bizarre! Isn’t it? Aside from the atmosphere that would be hugger-mugger, there will also be a consensus that the testifier must be a dum-dum or perhaps, under the influence of an evil spell for praising the architect of his sempiternal sadness because he parted with a meagre N5k out of N50m and other valuables stolen, including the desecration of his wife.

It is the similar scenario in Abia State, where, despite the deluge of billingsgate and argy-bargy our socio-political debate generates on social media, some of us still reprehensibly praise the looters of our collective wealth who heisted our future, emasculated us and masterminded our never-ending sufferings.

Receiving youth empowerment bus/car from politicians does not imply ipso facto the achievement of fortune

Outsiders seem to be more concerned and worried about our bobsy-die than our intransigent youths who, dissipate energy on social media discussing trivialities. It’s a shame that we found Pastor Wilson’s leaked sex tape and that of the Babcock University students more appealing and worthy of our attention than holding our irresponsible government accountable to society.

Their dialogues on social media will leave you heartbroken. For the sake of example, is it not regrettable that residents of Ngwa road, Ohanku road or Ugwu Mango waste data discussing Big Brother Naija series and celebrating Tacha and her execrable character instead of the deplorable state of these roads?

Some of us even formed Tacha solidarity group on social media to solicit for votes for her but found such camaraderie unworthy for the development of Abia State. Instead, we are killing ourselves over who becomes Abia State governor in 2023, creating several social media groups to display our idiocy before the world in the name of politicking.

I am tempted to believe that the present generation is a wasted one. Only a useless generation encourages and reinforces those responsible for its woes to cause more damages. Sadly, our testimony in Abia State is reminiscent of the illustration in the third paragraph of this article.

Repulsively, Abia youths have proven that they can be induced with few naira notes, alcohol, Indian hemp, Keke, Okada and Passat car, (1993 model) to crown their enemies’ kings, encourage rapists to rape their mothers/sisters without restraint and murder their fathers for resisting.

No wonder some come on social media to irrationally say the Ngwa nation will rule for 16-years while others say it is the turn of the Ohafia, Abiriba, Isuikwuato ETC instead of demanding for good governance. Chai! Ihe igbo and ogogoro na cause!

I am sure King Lemuel was referring to some of the Abia youths in Proverbs 31:5 -7 when he says: “… (5) lest they drink and forget what is decreed, and deprive all the oppressed of justice. (6) Give strong drink to one who is perishing, and wine to the bitter in the soul (7) Let him drink and forget his poverty, and remember his misery no more.…”

Do I have to say more? Let us continue to drink and smoke our future away, but in our befuddled state, we should not forget the words of King Lemuel in Proverbs 31:5-7. Receiving youth empowerment bus/car from politicians does not imply ipso facto the achievement of fortune. Let’s get wisdom.

To be continued

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