Who cast a spell on us? (part 10)

Sometimes I am tempted to ask if we elected our state lawmakers to represent the people or themselves.

When one considers the meaning of democracy, the functions and importance of opposition in democratic government, one realises that there’s no opposition in Abia State.

Democracy is a system of government by the whole population and cannot be complete without opposition. The democratic system functions with checks and balances. Oppositions function, therefore, to ensure the ruling party fulfils its campaign promises.  In other words, they are to question the government and hold public officers accountable to the public.

Rather than these traits, we have abettors as oppositions in Abia State who pay homage to Governor Ikpeazu and his godfather, Chief Theodore Orji at night. These secret or chief sycophants also visit Chinedum Orji (Ikuku). You need to see how they crawl abjectly before them on the floor while seeking for Federal appointments and assurance for power in 2023. Tufiakwa! Ihere Eme!

We are not surprised anyways but to prevent one-party system in Abia State, the Honourable Minister, Dr Uche Ogah, Senator, Orji Uzor Kalu Hon. Ossy Prestige and the docile opposition House of Assembly Members should know that opposition represents an alternative government. They are to challenge government policies and produce alternatives where necessary.

What alternative policies or agendas have our so-called opposition set to justify their existence? Instead, they are also under the government payroll; the reason they do not condemn any government action or policy. On the pretence that election and campaign are over, they strictly instructed their supporters not to criticise the government of the day. Those who dared violate this directive are ostracised.

Opposition members who are deaf to the yelling of their constituents and dumb to their predicaments are worse than the government.

It is embarrassing that oppositions in Abia State kept quiet in the face of infrastructural decay when they ought to demand an explanation from the government as well as debate bills in the House of Assembly.

The opposition is a model perfected to avoid majoritarian decisions in the government because they have elected representatives in the state Assembly, which makes their views of equal value. They are mandated to check government decisions as well as constructively oppose proposed laws. Their other constructive job is to contribute to law-making by suggestions to the government.

In other words, opposition parties play a vital role to discourage the party in power from working against the interests of the state and the people. They must be as vigilant and diligent as the members of the government on the other side of the House.

But our opposition lawmakers were suborned to elect Chinedum Orji Speaker unopposed without consulting their respective constituents. I am sure no sane Abian would support such pernicious endorsement. Sometimes I am tempted to ask if we elected our state lawmakers to represent the people or themselves.

Lady Jane, the woman, who led the Aba women protest was attacked by a tout and his gang of criminals at gunpoint, yet the toothless and inactive opposition we have in Abia State kept quiet. The so-called Dollar who attacked this woman still parades the streets of Aba like a lord, while the woman is seeking shelter outside the state for her safety.

One can argue that the senator representing her is a PDP member who places a premium on party loyalty above right and safety of constituents but what has the House of Reps and member representing her done to ensure that she gets justice? Why haven’t they rally behind her?

How can we put our trust in people who are afraid to hold the government accountable? Opposition members who are deaf to the yelling of their constituents and dumb to their predicaments are worse than the government.

The government owes civil servants and pensioners 18 months’ salary arrears and 83 months’ pension allowance yet the PDP moles we called oppositions kept quiet. Infrastructure has collapsed, almost all the major roads and streets have turned craters, yet except for Dr Alex Otti, no one is putting the government on its toe.

When will you people speak? Is it when the people you want their votes in 2023 are all dead?  During the campaign a few months ago, you called Ikpeazu a failure and a clueless governor and blamed him and the PDP for Abia State underdevelopment. So, what is it that has changed to justify your silence? Is Abia now Dubai of Africa? Does it mean that Ikpeazu is performing? 

Hehehe! You better speak now that your voices are needed or forever remain silent. Your criticism in 2022 will amount to nothing because we know the motives behind it. We are getting wiser by the day. You cannot be dinning and winning with Governor Ikpeazu and the PDP today and come in 2022 to shout change. It will amount to Iberiberism of the highest order by Ndi Apari!

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