What Senator Babafemi Ojodu actually said about Sunday Igboho

Sunday Igboho never denied his background as a political thug, bred by the Capone of them all in the Southwest, Alhaji Lamidi Adedibu!

By Senator Babafemi Ojudu’s testimony amongst others, Sunday Igboho acknowledged his lack of formal (Western) education. Yet, what Igboho lacked in book knowledge he has in excess in courage, chutzpah, street credibility, juju and experience!

Igboho is famed to have participated actively in the Ife-Modakeke wars? He has been a reliable gun-for-hire for several Nigerian politicians: from presidents, to the Jagaban (Bola Ahmed Tinubu) himself (this Ojodu confirmed in writing).

Senator Ojodu’s wonderful PR job for Igboho, if he had thought would demystify the latter, actually made Igboho come out smelling like roses.

First, Ojodu claimed Igboho was hired alongside other Ekiti and Ondo thugs kingpins to disrupt the re-election in Ekiti State? Yet, Igboho, after being “enlightened” on the gains of “democracy”, had the good conscience to pick democratic norms over violence?

Meaning? It is evil and “enlightened” men like Ojodu and his masters that created a monster out the likes of Igboho! Had Igboho been fortunate to have been mentored by men of vision, the Southwest will enjoy the gifts God put into Igboho a lot more!

Senator Ojodu also acknowledged Igboho’s intelligence and capacity to think on his feet with two examples. He narrated how Igboho sidetracked his mentor’s (Alhaji Adedibu) scheme to bench him by making him a local government chairman. Ojodu also mentioned how Igboho created the alibi/solution to how the Jagaban camp will “eliminate” his presence in Ekiti with that proposed 2am call from an AIG of police. Such a brilliant mind!

That Sunday Igboho also did a headcount of his men on “escape” from Ekiti shows a brilliant and concerned leader. Insisting on Ojodu getting the two thugs left behind out is also proof of a man of character.

Igboho will not want his men exposed to danger, neither would he want any left behind in the theatre of a war he has called off. Leadership!

Had Igboho been selfish, having been settled, and these two thugs being the causes of their own isolation from the rest of the group, he could have left them to their fates? Lesson? Igboho will not leave any man behind, regardless!

That Sunday Igboho went into the fortress of the Seriki Fulanis in Igangan, neutralized men shooting at him, collected their guns and gave the Seriki a quit notice, which Igboho enforced as stated, is evidence of a man the current cowardly political class in the Southwest will be scared of!

Yorubas say, “awí fúnni kótó dáni, baba ìjàkadi” (when a man tells you to prepare for his assault and goes ahead to execute as warned, it’s no mean feat). Igboho is the man!

They know Igboho is not a jẹko-jẹko thug like their MC Oluomo or Tajudeen Agbede whose strength are in the number of drug-emboldened area boys they have, extorting billions from Lagosians daily! Igboho is what the men from the East call “ekwuemeh” — talk and do!

The Ojodus need to be fearful of Igboho! They cannot say with absolute certainty that Igboho cannot breach Burdillon securities and access the Jagaban himself?

Secondly, if Igboho could sack the Seriki Fulani and nothing happened, Southwest politicians know Igboho is the new sheriff in town!

Thirdly, with the way TVC headquarters at Ikosi was attacked by external forces who defied and neutralized the security around the premises and razed it to the ground, Ashiwaju’s camp knows only someone with capacities like Igboho could have been contracted for such a job.

Senator Ojodu, by his exposè of the complicity of himself and his principal in sabotaging our democracy by hiring and bribing thugs, DSS personnel and policemen, has helped Igboho win additional fans within the educated, who previously saw the man as a mere thug!

Sunday Igboho may have been brought up as a thug by Baba Adedibu, but the man has transformed himself bigger, smarter and certainly with greater balls than all his peers.

While Senator Ojodu owes who he is today to his beneficiary and paymaster at Burdillon, Sunday Igboho is a tested free-agent, an evolving institution and possibly the most popular and courageous person in the Southwest today!

That Obas begged Igboho to intervene in the matter of herdsmen invasion of their domains, and had not ran to an ineffective Jagaban, is indeed proof that Igboho is the new sheriff in town and the equation towards 2023 is very fluid and spinning out of control of Burdillon.

Now, Eruobodo sees why Oga had to quickly escape and return as the EndSARS protests was turned into a bloodbath? Now, one of the reasons it has been very quiet on the front of the Jagaban is being revealed?

Igboho’s fight for liberation of the Yorubas from the criminal excesses of the invaders is completely beyond the agenda of Ojodu’s political camp. Igboho’s successful act has thrown a spanner in their works.

If Ojodu’s plan was to demystify Igboho by that article, sadly, he’s achieved the opposite! Even Fayemi (the candidate Ojodu subtly exposed as not knowing the battles that were being fought for him) will be chuckling at Ojodu’s gaff!

Eruobodo has always said it, 2023 is very pregnant, eerily so! Will Nigeria survive it?

By Eruobodo Eruobodo on Facebook

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