Reno Omokri allegedly threatens mother of abused Deeper Life school student

Deborah Okezie, the mother of the Deeper Life School student allegedly molested by his seniors, has alleged threats to her life by an ex-presidential spokesperson Reno Omokri.

In a new video, she also slammed those she described as Deeper Life fanatics who have been threatening her since she went public with the abuses her son suffered.

She said she won’t suffer in silence because the case is in court. She also alleged that while some wish death on her son, Omokri asked her to apologise on the pages of newspapers for calling out the Deeper Life Church.

She also called on authorities to caution Deeper Life members and Omokri who, after leaving his job as media aide to former president Goodluck Jonathan, has been sharing inspirational messages and “nuggets” on social media.

“I will not keep quiet and die in silence; the threat is too much,” she said.

“Somebody sent me a message that reads, ‘how was the burial of your son? You are fighting a church; you will bury your child’.

“Reno Omokri called me that I should go and apologize on a national newspaper and apologize on TV, that if I do not, anything I see, I should take. To me, that is a threat.

“I wanted to see the chief magistrate yesterday but I could not; that was why I came here. He should leave me alone. I don’t have what he has. Deeper Life members are threatening me.

“Someone said I would die before 20th. I am still alive.”

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