OPC killed woman, cows, burned houses in bid to arrest ‘Fulani warlord,’ Iskilu Wakili — group

The members of Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) who participated in the arrest of Iskilu Wakili also killed a woman in the process, a Fulani group claims.

OPC teamed up with other local security operatives to arrest Wakili who is accused of being a Fulani warlord behind many killings and kidnappings in Nigeria.

The Oyo State chapter of the Gan Allah Fulani Development Association of Nigeria (GAFDAN) alleged that the OPC members also burnt N5 million in cash, 68 cows, houses and other valuables.

The chairman of the group, Yusuf Gizori, who alleged that his sister was shot by the OPC, said one of the houses set ablaze by the OPC members contained N5 million meant for members of his group.

He also alleged that six motorcycles and 68 cows were burnt.

Gizori, who spoke at a press conference in Ibadan, added that all the allegations levelled against Wakili, a member of his group, were baseless and unfounded.

He identified the woman allegedly killed by the OPC members as Fatima Umar. He said the alleged killers were not ready to listen to any explanation when they arrived at their victim’s settlement.

“We invited you gentlemen of the press to brief you on the development that led to the arrest of our member — 75-year-old Isiaka Wakili,” Gizori said.

“When they arrived around 7am, they alleged that he was sponsoring and masterminding various criminal attacks against farmers of Yoruba origin in the community.

“Firstly, Wakili is old and about 75 years old. Secondly, he is blind and thirdly, he has spent 19 years in the area without any previous allegation of any criminality.

“As we speak, two of his sons are receiving treatment in Igbo-Ora as a result of the incident. His houses were burnt. Six motorcycles were burnt along with bags of foodstuffs. N5 million meant for our members was burnt.

“The attack led to the death of one of my sisters, Fatima Umar, who was shot by OPC members. We demand a thorough investigation into the arson and the government needs to caution the OPC and other unrecognised groups in the South-West against such things.

“Despite all these, we are not going to embark on any reprisal but we want to appeal to the government to kindly caution all these groups that are threatening the peace of this great nation.

“All our members are law-abiding citizens and we will continue to uphold the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” he said.

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