Nigeria Police launch cybercrime portal

Nigerians can now report Yahoo Boys and other suspected cyber criminals to the police without visiting a police station.

This is made possible via the cybercrime portal the Nigeria Police unveiled on Thursday.

The portal “is part of efforts directed at ensuring ease of crime reportage by members of the public to enable prompt investigation, arrest and prosecution of perpetrators of cybercrime and other related offences,” police spokesperson Frank Mba said on Thursday.

Romance scam, credit card fraud, hacking, business email compromise, cyber bullying, identify theft and child sexual exploitation are some of the crimes you can report via the portal.

How to use the police cybercrime portal

  1. Once you land on the portal, you see this page:

2. After clicking “File Complaint”, you’re shown another message about why your allegations should not be fake:

3. If you agree to proceed by clicking “I ACCEPT”, you get here:

4. Then you can choose the kind of crime you want to report, fill in other details and submit them to the police.

Here’s the list:

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