Man shot dead after refusing to share cigarette lighter with strangers

Ondo police say they have launched a murder probe into the killing of one Babatunde Olubasa in a hotel in Akure on Boxing Day.

The 38-year-old businessman was reportedly shot and axed at Helena Hotel in the Ijapo area of Akure, where he had lodged for the Christmas holiday.

State police spokesperson Tee-Leo Ikoro, on Monday, said police commissioner Bolaji Salami has ordered an investigation into the killing.

“We have commenced investigation and trying to track down those who killed him. It’s an assassination,” Ikoro said.

“At the time it happened, there was nobody else at the bar, except the bar girl. The bar girl said three killers came into the hotel.

“The deceased lodged in that hotel and went out at some point in time. By the time he came back, the assailants were already at the bar drinking.

“When he got to the bar, the three guys asked for a lighter from him to light their cigarettes and he said no. It was at that point that they pulled out their guns and shot him. The assailants left the hotel when he gave up the ghost.

“We are on their trail right now. The Commissioner of Police has ordered a full investigation into the incident. To us, we are thinking it was an assassination. But the investigation will unravel all that happened.”

A hotel source said the deceased was shot dead at the bar during an argument with the killers over a cigarette lighter.

“The killing of Tunde was a clear case of someone who had been targeted,” the source reportedly said.

“The guys, who killed him, had requested a lighter from him at the bar. But he declined their request.

“Tunde’s reaction made them to engage him in an argument before opening fire on him.

“After shooting him, they also descended on him with a small axe to completely snuff life out of him.”

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