Lai Mohammed: Our minister of information is misinformed — DJ Switch

Nigerian activist artiste Obianuju Catherine Udeh, alias DJ Switch, has expressed shock at what she described as the ignorance of information and culture minister Lai Mohammed.

DJ Switch is one of the several persons who live-streamed the alleged shooting and killing of protesters by Nigerian soldiers at the Lekki Toll Plaza, Lagos, on October 20.

But the Nigerian government and minister Mohammed calls any reported killing of demonstrators at the venue “a hoax”.

Tweeting for the first time in 30 days, DJ Switch, who had said at least 15 protesters were killed at the Lekki tollgate, implied that Mohammed’s first name was synonymous with that of a person who habitually lies.

She said:

“How can a ‘minister of information’ be so ‘misinformed’?

“The only believable thing about him is his name, Lai. Unfortunately, sir, the truth is a very stubborn thing!

“Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers. It’s not been easy for me but the need to #SoroSoke is more important than their bullying.”

DJ switch unloaded on Mohammed in the wake of the minister’s public spar with US-based international news network CNN.

Source: Twitter.

CNN had published an investigative report on the shooting, echoing the claims of multiple witnesses who said soldiers opened fire on, and killed, protesters.

But Lai Mohammed said the report was some sort of “fake news” capable of setting Nigeria on fire. He then threatened to sanction CNN and later wrote the news network to investigate its reporters for poor journalistic conduct.

DJ Switch live-streamed the Lekki tollgate incident on Instagram.

CNN, however, stood by its report. The news network also urged the Nigerian government to come clean and start telling the truth.

The Nigerian Army, critics say, is losing credibility after intiallly denying being present at the tollgate. The army also said it fired blank ammunition into the air and not at protesters. But the military later admitted that soldiers took live bullets to Lekki tollgate to protect themselves from hoodlums.

CNN accused the Nigerian government of trying to cover up alleged crimes against humanity.

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