Islam: Muslim mob stones Christian student to death for posting ‘anti-Mohammed blasphemy’ replies on WhatsApp

A mob of Islamists have killed a Christian female student of Shehu Shagari College of Education in Wamako, Sokoto state, multiple local reports day.

The deceased, identified as Ms Deborah, was accused of making unflattering comments about Islam’s Prophet Mohammed on her class’ WhatsApp group.

Following threats to her safety, she was evacuated to the security post of the school, according to a student who witnessed the development.

But the mob pursued her to the security post, overpowered the personnel there, took a hold of the student, beat her with sticks and hurled stoned at her until she lost consciousness and her life, a video making the rounds online show.

Reports say they also set her remains on fire.

“Deborah was stoned and burnt to death today in Sokoto for blasphemy,” a source said.

“In a voice note, she reacted against posting of religious contents in their class group chat on WhatsApp.”

Authorities have issued a statement announcing immediate closure of the school over the apparent murder.

Killing over blasphemy has been a recurring crisis across northern Nigeria, but authorities have not been able to address the situation.

Culprits are usually not arrested, or released shortly after being taken into custody in the predominantly Muslim region.

In 2015, President Muhammadu Buhari’s media aide, Bashir Ahmad, said anyone who commits blasphemy against Islam should be put to death.

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