Insecurity: ‘Soldiers’ families now pay vigilantes to guard army barracks’

The Nigerian military community in the Ojo area of Lagos has become so unsafe that residents are paying private vigilantes to secure the barracks.

This is according to Premium Times journalist Nicholas Ibekwe.

“Each household at the military cantonment in Ojo, Lagos now pays a monthly levy for security, which is provided by private vigilantes,” Ibekwe tweeted on Monday.

“Residents said there has been a spike in sundry criminal acts in the barracks lately. Vigilantes protecting a military barracks!

“Sources who live in the barracks said most soldiers have been deployed to different troubled spots across the country leaving their families and the barracks vulnerable to criminal attacks.

“Nigeria has never experienced this level of insecurity in its history. Never!”

The Nigerian Army, on Tuesday, accused Ibekwe of peddling fake news.

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