“If your husband fasts too much, report him,” reverend tells pastors’ wives

Lead pastor of The Refinery Church (TRC) International, Reverend Harrison Ayintete, has urged wives not to keep quiet when their pastor husbands become harmfully overzealous about fasting.

“Pastors’ wives must report their husbands when they do indiscriminate prolonged fasting and abuse their health,” Ayintete wrote in a Facebook post on Monday.

“Report them to people they respect! By this, I mean the kind of fasting where they don’t listen to the doctor’s advice. A fast that was supposed to be three days, all of sudden becomes 30 days in pursuit of certain powers.

“Seclusion from the family and staying in private room. They don’t drink water. They don’t take fruits.

“They don’t take any nutritional product that ensures their health is stable.

“Yet go through stress of driving in Lagos traffic. Traveling to pray for sick folks or dying folks. And preaching on Sundays three services.

“Death is knocking!!

“As we give people life, we shouldn’t court death ourselves,” Ayintete, whom TRC describes as a “strong Bible apologist”, wrote.

He later said that “Daniel (a character in the Bible) actually ate while he fasted. He just ensured he didn’t eat certain meals and wine. Fasting can be done with a rationed diet”.

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