I hope President Biden will help Nigeria fight Boko Haram, poverty — Buhari

Nigeria’s Muhammadu Buhari has welcomed the inauguration of Joe Biden as the President of the United States of America.

Biden took charge of the White House after taking the oath of office on Wednesday.

“We look forward to the Biden presidency with great hope and optimism for strengthening of existing cordial relationships, working together to tackle global terrorism, climate change, poverty and improvement of economic ties and expansion of trade,” Buhari said according to a statement issued by presidency spokesperson Garba Shehu.

“We hope that this will be an era of great positivity between our two nations, as we jointly address issues of mutual interest,” Buhari added.

Buhari and all Nigerians, according to Shehu “rejoice with President Joe Biden, sharing the proud feeling that the first woman elected Vice President of the United States has an African and Asian ancestry.”

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