He’s creeping Jesus not Messiah

Only in Abia can we find men living in uncompleted building promising us mansions

I will begin this serial – expected to last till mid-2022 – with the words of Steve Maraboli thus: “I’m not crying because of you; you’re not worth it. I’m crying because my delusion of who you were was shattered by the truth of who you are.”

During the build-up to the 2019 general election, pictures of him kneeling on the altar holding the bible and bottle of anointing oil with the inscriptions; the Messiah, the people’s choice, Uchechukwu ga emeriri, (God’s will must come to pass) permeated the social media.

The purpose of the phoney sanctimony was to pull the wool over our eyes. Trust a state like Abia with a cornucopia of patsies; the stunt worked like a magic bullet. Embellished with the Federal might hoax, we fell for it hook, line and sinker, and began to see creeping Jesus as Messiah who will lead us to our fantasised Shangri-La.

Hypnotised to deliriousness, we failed to descry that the man who promised us clothes was in his birthday suit. How dim-witted we were, not to have caught sight of his jiggery-pokery on the day he declared his bogus intention.

Attendees – journalists, party faithful and enthusiasts – were left stranded and nonplussed when news filtered that armed robbers had trailed and attacked the man in possession of N7 million cash meant for the settlement of logistics somewhere at Bende road, near the post office at gunpoint.

Hypnotised to deliriousness, we failed to descry that the man who promised us clothes was in his birthday suit.

Wow! What a story! Why make a cash withdrawal of N7 million from a bank in a 21st century Nigeria when there are other safer means available? Why would such blunder come from a man paraded as very intelligent by his managers? Anyways, only stereotypically silly persons would believe this hoax but let’s play fools (they took us for) and stop further scrutiny of the poorly written movie script to avoid another boutade from his E-rats. A “no money submission”, would have been honourable than the shenanigans.

It was a shameful case of betrayal of trust. Dwight D. Eisenhower posits that “The supreme quality of leadership is integrity.” But our creeping Jesus made a pig’s ear of it hiding under his ersatz emotion. The first impression, they say matters; the reason to believe that this prankish display from the onset is proof that Baboons and Hippopotamuses would swallow Abia monthly FAAC allocations and IGR under our creeping Jesus’s watch.

I am sorry to have forgotten to tell us that almost a year they played the practical joke of N7 million theft on us; vital pieces of information such as proof of withdrawal/official report and on the scene eye-witness account of the incident remain concealed. It is a sign that accountability would have been a mirage under the watch of our creeping Jesus.

Only in Abia can we find men living in uncompleted building promising us mansions. How possible is that? A man cannot give what he does not have. Yet, we see some village idiots still believe the misbegotten coinage, “Uchechukwu ga emeriri”. It can never be the will of God for Abians to fall from a frying pan to fire.

There’s no guarantee that a man who owes his factory workers arrears of salaries would solve Abia salary/pension allowance conundrum. The moribund state of his factory along his village road including filling stations (despite oil subsidy fraud) shows how tatterdemalion Abia State would be under his stewardship.

Our audio billionaire has the proclivity for abandoning projects, making false claims/taking vainglory and impoverishing associates. Therefore, Prince Apugo’s assertion is not out of place to attract the argy-bargy so far, from his camp. Do not be deceived by his facade of bonhomie; he is creeping Jesus masquerading as Messiah.

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