Greg Ibe: Abia’s King Midas with golden touch

The earth, its splendour, distinctiveness and topographies are the product of the vision of the first known builder of a new dawn. It’s the end product of imagination, insight, boldness, power of intentionality and alignment with a sophisticated drive.

It isn’t fortuitous that the originator complemented the glamour with wealth and possibilities to explore it. This exceptional show of wisdom is not an invention of strength but a modest “let there be this…and it came to pass” phrase gazetted in the bible.

What dazzled its creator to satisfactorily proclaim it excellent is worthy to serve as a reference point for visionary brilliance. No wonder at 4.54 billion years old, the earth remains evergreen. All human technological inventions serve only as comfort amplifiers.

That is what visionary leadership does, leaving behind a milestone legacy deserving a place in the world annals.

We have seen and read about people who used nuanced abilities and flairs to influence society. They created wealth, developed people and society through their demonstration of exceptional skill and charisma. 

The likes of Alexander the Great, John Rockefeller, Nelson Mandela, Henry Ford, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett tick this box. However, not every society is blessed with such rare gems but thank God for Abia state.

Unbeknownst to us, the constituent state of the Niger Delta is not just blessed with an abundance of human and natural resources but also with a rare gem.

Paradoxically, while some of us are still praying for a visionary leader to harness (to the best rewarding proportion) Abia’s resources, the world is celebrating him already.

Everything he comes in contact with and touches becomes a bar of gold. From hawking, bricklaying, construction, entrepreneurship, health and education, the Chancellor of Gregory University, Uturu, Prof. Greg Ibe, has replicated the same glamour that enthralled God to proclaim everything he created good.

“It is no longer a case of whether I will perform because what I have done in every sector I found myself in have answered that. I will exploit the unique topography of Abia State to mould a masterpiece that will attract all and sundry,” Prof. Ibe said.

He added, “we are not only going to harness, to the fullest, our natural resources but we will also put to good use our waste products. We have the template that will make every Abia youth productive and responsible.”

If that was not a key trait of a visionary leader, I wonder what you would call it. Prof. Ibe has a clear idea of how the future of Abia should look. No wonder he has set out concrete steps to bring this vision to life and the desire to lead people in that direction. 

Anyways, visionary leaders are known for breaking away from what’s expected. They lead with intention and enthusiasm in a way that makes their supporters happy to follow. You can now see why every testimony about Prof. Ibe is positive.

“One of our leaders once asked me, Greg, don’t you have any skeleton in your cupboard? All I hear about you are positive stories. When are you going to do something wrong?”

“I am not saying that I am perfect but all my existence, I have lived a life of selfless service to society. It is what I wish to replicate in Abia State,” he said.

This is an attestation to the notion that success is not measured by one’s stupendous bank account and material possessions alone. The kernel of existence is service to the people.

The Ag. Registrar, Gregory University Uturu, Sleek Ogwo, gave an elaborate view of the pros Abia State will enjoy under Prof. Ibe’s leadership.

According to him, Prof. Ibe can unite political stakeholders from other parties to achieve the common goal of realising the Abia dream, despite ideological differences.

He said, “we also have a situation in Abia State where there are so many political divides. This has been on since the current republic began in 1999.

“We have things like Abuja politicians and Abia State politicians. Up till now, we still have people who are not on the same page politically.

Gregory Ibe is a bridge connecting all the sections and factions represented by these political divides. This is the role he has been playing in the South East that enables him unite different shades of opinions that constitute the Igbo nation in Uturu annually, under the platform of World Igbo Summit. Symbolically, he holds the traditional title of ‘Erim’, the umbilical cord of unity.

“They believe in him. He is a bridge that can bring everybody together. Sometimes, what crates problems in a state is when all the people that should unite to develop it are fighting themselves.

“But you can solve this problem when you have somebody who can unite these people across political party lines, so that all hands can come on deck and every human and material resources are willingly volunteered for the greater interest of the state”

ProGIMA-Prof Gregory Ibe Media Associates.

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