Father allegedly forces 5-year-old daughter to suck his manhood, gets caught

An unnamed man has been reported to his wife for allegedly raping their five year-old daughter.

This is according to Twitter user @IgalaPrincess who describes herself as a “staunch Deeper Lifer”, meaning she is a devoted Christian and a strong believer in the “holiness” message of the Deeper Life Bible Church.

“Guys, I am at a crossroads right now,” she tweeted on Friday.

“A few months ago, a family friend had brought their kids to spend some time with us. One day, the 5-year-old daugter asked my son ‘don’t you have that stuff daddy gives me to lick?’

“I just heard them in passing and paid no mind.

“Today, I went to drop off a parcel for them and guess what, I walked in on the 5-year-old giving her father a fellatio (oral sex) and this useless man moaning himself away.

“The wife is all the way in Wisconsin (in the US) for two weeks. What do I do now? I’m confused, worried, sick, angry and scared,” she said.

She later tweeted an update today.

“Her mum has been informed, the right authorities notified,” she said.

“We moved the girl out of the house and she is safe. Thank you all for your concern and please put her in your prayers.”

She didn’t say exactly where the alleged child rape happened.

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