Buhari has acted according to his mental capability — Ken Nnamani

Former President of the Senate and All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential aspirant, Ken Nnamani, has commended President Muhammadu Buhari’s performance in managing Nigeria to the extent of his strength, knowledge and exposure.

Senator Nnamani stated this while speaking on Arise News on Wednesday about his political ambition, his plans for Nigeria, as well as issues in the ruling APC.

He said he would improve on what Buhari had done for the country, adding that it was an achievement that the president had been able to keep the country together.

“The President has done as much as his strength and exposure and knowledge can carry him. By making sure that we have remained together up to today is an achievement. So I think he has done to the best of his ability,” Nnamani said.

He however lamented the high cost of the APC’s nomination forms, describing it as a threat to the nation’s democracy.

The former lawmaker said there was a need for a rethink in order to improve the inclusion of youth, women and most Nigerians, who earn salaries in an economy that has become depressed, in politics.

He said, ”We should not indulge ourselves in exclusive politics where we exclude the youth, the women and some other people who may not have the means or who have not accumulated enough resources to spend on buying the nomination forms.

“I understand in the United States if you are running for the same race is about five thousand dollars, and I think we would be excluding quite a number of highly qualified people when we come up with such figure.”

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