BRT bus blocks Ikorodu highway over ‘minor scratches’ from one ‘reckless’ driver

A BRT bus driver obstructed traffic and delayed commuters for minutes following an incident involving a car.

Both vehicles had “scratched each other” in a battle to overtake one another, an eyewitness told The Realm News.

The incident happened this morning at Onipanu bus stop along Ikorodu expressway, a busy Lagos route.

The vehicles, we were told, blocked the main express lane for at least 20 minutes while the warring drivers argued about who was right or wrong.

“The BRT bus sustained minor scratches but the driver decided to cause traffic and delay those going to work,” the eyewitness told us at 8:30am today.

Commuters were stranded in the vehicles behind while the episode lasted.

“This is just so typical of Lagos drivers,” the eyewitness said.

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