Angry neighbour blasts Cardi B’s ‘WAP’ into ‘noisy’ church

Reportedly frustrated by the refusal of a neighbourhood church to stop polluting the tranquillity of his community, a Nigerian man decided to respond with some noise pollution of his own.

The church, someone familiar with the matter said, usually disturbed the neighbourhood with loud worship music, sermons and prayers.

The man took matters into his own hands when the church would not stop.

Twitter user @ebelee shared the story thus:

“Faysal has killed me this morning.

“There’s a church next to his house that’s always making noise early in the morning even on weekdays.

“Baba carried his sound system from his house to put on the fence demarcating the the compounds and started playing WAP.”

WAP, is a song by US-based Carbi B. The song means “Wet As* Pu**y”.

Source: Twitter.

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