Adoration Ministry shut as Father Mbaka goes into hiding for ‘prayer retreat’

Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN), has been closed to worshippers and will remain so for one month, the church authorities have announced.

The church, in a notice on Tuesday morning, informed members that its Spiritual Director, Rev Father Ejike Mbaka, was proceeding on a one-month private prayer retreat.

“Our Spiritual Director, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka, wishes to inform his beloved adorers that he has embarked on a private prayer retreat that will end on 10th June 2021.

“Consequently, no ministry activities shall be held in the ministry ground pending his return.

“He directs that members of the ministry are to observe this period of his retreat as they used to do during the usual January breaks of the ministry, by praying at their homes, being charitable and fasting according to their ability. Adoration! Holy Spirit is our Power,” the notice read.

Mbaka had on Sunday apologised to the Catholic Church and Bishop Callistus Onaga over the vandalization of the bishop’s court by the Adoration faithful.

“I do not disobey the church; who am I? How can someone who has been serving the church for nearly 26 years come out and begin to fight the same church? Everything in my life is for the church,” he said.

“I, Fr Mbaka standing here, I am a child of the holy mother church, and all the faithful are also children of the same mother church.

“I am a baby of the church and an ordained holy Roman Catholic that is apostolic, universal. I stand here to tell you that nothing can destroy the church. I speak as a messenger of God and a mere servant.

“Please, I have to clarify this, Fr Mbaka has no problem with the Church, and I do not have any problem with my Bishop. Enemies want to achieve that by causing discord, but I will not allow it because there is something in me that will conquer such problems.”

Recall that members of the Adoration Ministry had last Wednesday stormed the bishop’s court at Igbo-Eze street in Enugu, demanding the whereabouts of Mbaka, who was feared to have been abducted.

Mbaka resurfaced in the wake of the short-lived unrest.

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