Adaobi Enechukwu: Girl dies after walking into ‘death trap’ elevator in Asaba hotel

Delta residents are angry after Hotel Toscana allegedly carried on with business like nothing happened despite the death of a girl invloved in an apparent accident on its premises.

The girl, Adaobi Enechukwu, walked into an apparently faulty elevator at the hotel in Asaba, leaked security footage shows.

The incident was said to have happened on October 1, Nigeria’s 60th Independence Anniversary. The girl later died in hospital.

“Till date, the owner and management are claiming right and are angry with the family of the deceased for sharing the story of her death on social media,” Gwamnishu Harrison, a former government aide, said in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

“Watch the CCTV footage and see how she walked in and was swallowed up.

“We, hereby, demand Justice for Adaobi.

“We demand the arrest and prosecution of the hotel management even as we carry out actions to shut down operations in that hotel till justice is duly served.

“Tomorrow by 7am, we are shutting down Toscana Hotel. All lovers of Justice should come out in mass, let’s shut Toscana Hotel Asaba.

“Nobody goes out. Nobody goes in.

“They blamed the deceased and continued operation.”

EDIT: We added information to show that the girl reportedly died in hospital and not on the hotel’s premises.

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